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17.02.2006 - Wear in Healey throttle linkage

I have cut out the throttle linkage for a left hand drive car from the parts book and glued them to a piece of paper.
This linkage is shown in the approximate position it will be on your car. I will indicate common wear points.
If you operate the accelerator pedal and watch the movement of the arm (1), if the first movement of the pedal does not move this arm (1) you have wear in the linkage.

Locating linkage wear

While another person is moving the first inch of pedal travel look closely at the shaft and arm (2) and if the shaft is moving without the arm moving tighten the nut and bolt. This can be reached with a long 3/8" drive bar and socket.
The next common wear problem is the 15" shaft that runs from footwell to footwell above the clutch housing. While your friend is still moving the accelerator pedal, look directly above the starter solenoid at the shaft where it goes into the felt bush in the mounting bracket (3), if the shaft moves up and down the bushes at each end of the shaft will need replacing. We have had this bush made out of teflon that gives a very smooth movement.
Replacing the shaft bushes, our mechanics do it from under the hood on the right side and below the car from the left side. I recommend you remove the cover over the transmission to make it easier.
There are six ball joints (4) on the linkage. The nuts that hold them on can come loose and fall off. There should be a spring washer below this nut if not there the nut will come loose. The ball inside the joint (4) will wear and the ball joint will seperate. Try to pop off the joint. If it comes apart I suggest you replace it.
The accelerator shaft bush (5) can come out of its hole or it can just fall apart with age. If it's old and worn replace it. The other end of the shaft is a plastic bracket (6). The bracket and the bush can become damaged when the transmission is removed.
There are three threaded shafts (7). Make sure the nuts are snugged up to the ball joints and the joints are aligned.

Accelerator pedal

The pedal shaft (8) goes through the pedal box. At each end of the shaft is a mounting bracket same as on the 15" shaft. The felt bushes should be replaced with teflon bushes.
When you have finished press the accelerator pedal as far as it will go. Now check to make sure that the linkage on the carburetor has reached its stop giving you a wide open butterfly inside carburetor.

(by Norman Nock of Stockton, California, British Car Specialist)

(published with kind permission of Norman Nock)

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