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Warm beer & Lucas (Humour)

It is not true that the British drink warm beer. The Brits drink beer at room temperature. And since the whole country is heated with Lucas furnaces they drink cold beer.

Generator Test (out of car) (Electrics)

You can turn the generator into a motor and confirm that it will charge when installed.To do this you will need to polarize the generator. To do this use a jumper battery and connect the negative side...

Wear in Healey throttle linkage (Engine)

I have cut out the throttle linkage for a left hand drive car from the parts book and glued them to a piece of paper.This linkage is shown in the approximate position it will be on your car. I will in...

Vacuum unit test (Engine)

Owners might be interested in a simple test suggested to me by an 'old timer' about 50 years ago.Ideally you need a quiet area but it is not essential. If testing for leaks with the vacuum advance uni...

Driving lights (Electrics)

Soon to be translated into English! If you want the wiring diagram, just click here! (Acrobat Reader necessary)