15.07.2005 - Project Kimber: the last chance to save MG

David James CBE, the corporate doctor who saved the Millennium Dome, has put together a British backed bid to save MG Rover from falling into Chinese ownership.

A spokesman for the bid - called Project Kimber after Cecil Kimber, MG’s founder - Barrie Wills said: "This is the last chance to save Britain’s largest independent car maker from falling into overseas ownership. It is a credible, fully funded bid with a strong management team that has varied and extensive expertise working in the motor industry.

“Of course there is a lot of passion involved, there has to be, especially with a marque like MG. But, that is balanced by a pragmatic and realistic business plan that will see the brand develop over the coming years and job development at Longbridge."

'Project Kimber' strategies:

To acquire the brand and core assets of the best known small sports car in the world

The main strategy for Project Kimber is an effective brand development, balanced by external partnerships for the design engineering and the manufacturing of the vehicles.

The hypothetic model range would include three models: a two seater spider, a small three doors coupé (Midget) and a new flagship model to compete against Porsche.

The design of these models should be developed with the collaboration of Design Studios based in Turin, Paris, Birmingham and Shanghai.

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